"All of my selves intertwine, cooperate, and thus create who I am."


Welcome to the Zohran website.


Long live the spring! 

Zohran Spiritual Guide 

I am a healer of both body and soul, a guide, a protector, a teacher and               a student.

Nothing is final, everything evolves.

I lead others, I show and I learn from them. It is a collaboration where it is not important who is the teacher and who is the student. Everything is our path and decisions. Everyone knows the sorrows and pains of breakups, of loss, of protracted illnesses and injuries. Everyone has fears about the future, about work and home, and about their loved ones.

Things happen to us that we can't explain ..

Until you heal your past wounds, you will bleed.
You can dress the wound with food, alcohol, drugs, and work, cigarettes, or sex,
but in the end it will all just fester, get wet and it is going to stain your life.

To heal the pain, you need to make the decision to find the strength within yourself,    and open your wounds. To put your hands into your pain, and pull its core to the surface.

There is a need to make peace with the past.

It's up to you whether you want to heal the wound,
or add more inflammation and pain into her.

Zohran Writter

In my books, I tell stories about worlds that many of us don't see,
and everything in them works differently than we're used to.

These worlds are connected to our inner desires, feelings and emotions that cannot be grasped by reason.    

I write stories in which I tell about space and time that many of us cannot see, cannot understand, even though they are part of each of us.

That is why I choose a completely different way of communicating what I know and experience, through books and the stories within them.

My mysterious stories are full of wonder, surprise, mystery, black and white magic, good and evil. They are also about the eternal human desire to be happy, loved and to love at the same time. About how every thought, action, desire or love, accompanied by the emotion of fear, turns the wheels of our lives.

Zohran Painter

The pictures I paint are like my books. Each of the paintings is actually a captured story. Our moods influence their energy and what we see in them.  The paintings can feel alive to us.


For my paintings I choose clear glass as a base. Thanks to the glass and the light that penetrates it, the colors change and create beautiful combinations on the wall that remind me of the colors of the rainbow with their subtlety. This creates a unique painting on glass.

The themes of the paintings are based on my spiritual work. They are created through intuition and feeling the vision I want to portray. They awaken our imagery, feelings and emotions. Each person will find in them exactly what resonates with them. It's different every time.