Who am I 


"My three selves are an integral part of me."

                  My spiritual self has the greatest influence on me. It is ever present,                            alert, vigilant and always ready to intervene or help me at any time.           It helps both me and those in need.

Nothing is final, everything evolves

"We are all born as loving beings, who have the right to love,

 happiness, joy, abundance, and prosperity..." 

We have the right and entitlement to a fulfilling life

I'm still learning that not everything is as we think it is and as we see it. It's all about perspective. My core self is showing me a space in which laws other than human laws apply, and these need to be strictly adhered to. I see a world in which there are many entities,     that are both good and evil.

My main self helps and influences my other selves. It allows me to see, hear and feel the invisible and perceive the energies around me.

My remaining self sleeps within me and emerges when it needs to express itself through writing or painting.

You know the feeling when you fall asleep slowly and suddenly you see something, hear something in your head. Or you look somewhere and you see something beautiful and you want to capture the moment.

My emotions start to turn into words, lines and colors.

Something in me wants to share it with you.


And that's how my books and paintings are made...

I don't like lectures and instructions on how to live. It doesn't really work that way.

And so I chose a way to convey to you what I know and what I experience.

My stories are about what I have personally experienced, based on my own experiences and spiritual journey. These stories represent for me the real world in which I move daily. I see the world through eyes other than human eyes.

"Those who do not believe in miracles will never see them".