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Formula of Love

The book "Formula of love" narrates the story of the eternal human desire to be happy, to love, and to be loved. It's about the search for a mysterious parchment containing an ancient alchemical formula for creating love.

The story unfolds in various worlds and times.
The destinies of individual characters and heroes intertwine,
connect, and influence each other across time,
extending all the way to the present day.

                        In my book you'll meet ordinary people, heroes, and villains.                                              I paint in it a fantastic world full of wonders, magic, and secrets,                                       in which there are also characters, we often hear about in fairy tales.                                    Dragons, dark magicians, witches, sorceresses, enchanters, dwarves,                                                                 and various magical beings.

                  In the first part of "Entwined Fates" you will meet the main characters,                                           two shadows, and you'll be to live their story with them,                                                                           which will take you back in time.                                                                                  To a time we've only known through narrative.

                 In the second part of "The Long Forgotten World - A Dangerous Adventure"                                   a young girl Sara travels back in time to a long-forgotten world,                                           where many pitfalls, dangers and traps await her and her friends.                             When she gets back, she discovers, everything is very different than she thought.

Author: Zohran
Excerpt from the book "FORMULA OF LOVE"
Copyright 2021-2023 by Zohran

Unofficial Translation 

Part 1
Chapter: "Sara - Now"

Sara sat at the kitchen table. She propped her head up with her hands, elbows on the table, and watched her parents. She loved these moments. Mom was just making lunch and Dad was clumsily helping her with it. They always did everything together.

The sun was shining outside the windows and the kitchen was nice and cozy. The food began to smell and she felt that she was getting hungry. She wondered how this mom was doing. Daddy was getting under her feet and his skill in the culinary arts rather held her back, but she always just smiled lovingly at him. She remembered how she used to do it with her, with Sarah, when she wanted to help her cook. They talked about the garden.

"We'll have to cut down that tall walnut tree. It's old, it's almost gone, and if, God forbid, it gets struck by lightning, it'll destroy our roof. It's standing too close to the house. And you know we don't have much money for to throw away. Sarah needs so much. She's going to school next spring, and that costs money." "But honey, doesn't he deserve to live? Even if he is old? We're not young anymore either. And look, I can still hold you in my arms and warm you up." Sarah pretended not to hear it. "Besides, it's very nice to sit under him when it's very hot. And when it's raining, how beautiful it sounds. The gentle drumming of raindrops on the leaves. It's lovely to relax and dream." "All right, let's give it another chance."

Sarah stopped listening to her parents. A strange thing caught her attention. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She looked in that direction.

Something dark crept through the crack under the door from the garden to the kitchen. A blur. It grew larger and larger until it formed into the shape of a man. He was unusually tall and elongated, in a smart grey suit of the latest fashion. A smile appeared on his strangely flat face, looking forced and unnatural.

"Would you like some soup with us?" asked the mother, who at that moment had her back turned to the man. "Gladly," the man replied without opening his mouth or making a sound. All the while he watched Sarah with strangely dark eyes in his unshapely face. Eyes that looked more like little black holes than eyes. 

"What do you want here?" asked Sara. She didn't open her mouth to make a sound either. "Can't I stop and see how my daughter is? Long time I haven't seen you for a long time. A much long time." He stretched the word "much" out. "You are quite ungrateful for all I've done for you." His mouth formed into a smile that looked more like a grin. It resembled a black, bottomless hole leading somewhere, anywhere. 

Sara wrinkled her nose, frowned, and cut him off: "You're not my father. I have a father. I know very well who you are. You have no business here. Go back to where you belong." She said it very sharply, in a tone that brooked no resistance. She fixed her gaze on him. Her eyes and her whole body began to glow strangely. 

The man could feel her gaze burning tiny, tiny holes in his fancy suit, through which the faint light of day shone through. It burned unpleasantly. He started backing toward the door without taking his eyes off her. Slowly, he changed into a shapeless blur that went from gray to turquoise. Then the turquoise blur lined with red, stretched under the door and was gone. 

Sara thought: "You overdid it with the turquoise. You will always be who you are and the color won't make any difference . Mom turned to Sara. "Where has our guest gone? Or did I just dream that someone was here?" Sarah just shrugged. She stroked her mother's cheek and blew her a kiss. "No one's here. You were dreaming."

Sara knew very well who it was. She remembered him from when she was a little girl. He was a shadow. Someone or something that looked like a shadow. It moved like a shadow. A shadow that couldn't be heard. It's there and then it's gone. It could shrink, grow larger, take on any form, or blend into its surroundings. Become invisible. Who would notice a shadow that is so commonplace?

She remembers the room where he imprisoned her as a little girl. A room that had strange, grey walls with light shining through them. The light was strange, too. It was light and it wasn't light. She could see out through the walls. Out there, everything was the same as the walls of her room. Everything was gray and flat. The streets, the houses, the figures, the sky. Only the grey had many shades. From the lightest to the lightest to the darkest. She watched it and didn't understand where it was. What this place was. What she was really seeing.

Sometimes the stranger would come and bring her food. He just appeared out of nowhere. But he never spoke to her. And she didn't understand why he was here. Why they kept her here. What's the point. She tried to figure out how he was doing it. That he's here, all of a sudden. And then he's not. But she was too young to understand how he was doing it.

End of the excerpt.

Dear readers,                                                                                                                                                     you have just finished reading an excerpt from the book "FORMULE OF LOVE".

Let me introduce myself to you as Zohran

In his books, Zohran tells stories about worlds many of us can't see.

As he says, "Everything works differently than we are used to. These worlds are connected to our inner desires and feelings that cannot be grasped by reason. I write stories in which I tell of space and time that many of us do not see, do not understand, even though they are part of each of us. That's why I choose a very different way of communicating what I know and know through books and the stories within them."

Zohran and his mystery stories are like a canvas painted with amazing revelations and mysterious tales that are full of wonder, surprises, secrets, black and white magic, good and evil. They are also about the eternal human desire to be happy, to be loved and to love at the same time. About how every thought, action, desire or love accompanied by the emotion of fear turns the wheels of our lives.